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New Year's Eve Virtual Concert w/ The Pork Tornadoes

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New Year's Eve Virtual Concert w/ The Pork Tornadoes
About this Event

We have missed you all dearly.  2020 has been a nightmare for us, our crew, our production team and the entire entertainment industry.  We had 55 shows scheduled to play in 2020 and we only played 11 of them.  Not only are our spirirts down from not being able to play music with each other, but we also can't support all of those amazing people that make our band work, as well as all of our favorite venues.  In honor of this year ending, we knew we had to do something.  Putting on a full-blown virtual concert event/end of the year celebration, feels like the best way that we can all throw up middle fingers to 2020 and look forward to regrouping in 2021.   

We have put together a full concert experience for you to enjoy from the safety of your home, with those that you love.  Move over Dick Clark, it's The Pork Tornadoes turn to ring in the new year.  Musicial performances by Birdchild, Pianopalooza, Not Quite Brothers, B2wins and more.  Special guest appearances by Carson King, Alisabeth Von Presley, Scott Siepker, Mitch Fick and more.  We will have some segments and games along the way, capped off by a full HD, immaculate video and audio concert experience from The Pork Tornadoes, which includes a countdown to midnight. 

For our friends around the Midwest, it's not an in-person concert, but it will tide us over until we are together again in person in 2021.  For our friends around the United States and the world, hopefully we have a chance to meet you in person someday in your hometown/country, but for now, this is an awesome option to experience a full concert experience.

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Date and Time
Thursday, December 31, 2020
10:00 PM — 12:30 AM CT
Your warm and comfy couch
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